COOL CLUB was founded in 2001 in Poland. COOL CLUB is a unique brand of clothing, accessories and footwear company for children, created by the designers

of SMYK - an international company with products for children; a retail chain with headquarters based  in Warsaw, with more than 300 shops globally. Its success is based on the specialized balance between children’s tastes and the expectation of the parents, as far as the appearance and style of the clothes and shoes are concerned, as well as the quality and price.


When preparing the new collection of COOL CLUB, the designers of SMYK have in mind that childhood is a combination of unique moments, engraved in the mind forever. It is vital for a child to feel comfortable and cool in their clothes. It is the duty of the parents to choose an outfit that fits to every situation. COOL CLUB clothes and accessories perfectly meet the expectations of both children and parents. COOL CLUB emphasizes in the high quality of the materials that are suitable for any occasion. The company aims to accompany its young customers in every moment of their lives- from birth till the age of 14.


The entire COOL CLUB collection is inspired by the latest trends in the fashion world. SMYK designers follow them closely and apply them to their own creative ideas.
Parents who visit the COOL CLUB stores, guarantee to always find new and unique clothes, shoes and accessories for our young friends. COOL CLUB is the reflection of a happy childhood: happy, full of colors, carefree and full of adventures. COOL CLUB was created for children, but it is appreciated by the whole family.